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The past few weeks I have found myself down the rabbit hole of genealogy. And, oh, the learning I have done! It is amazing what information is out there with just a few clicks of the keyboard, a phone call, or a written letter (yes, snail mail!).

I have done some research before in this area and it has always been fascinating, but this time ā€¦ this time I am in it deep.

My binder is full of newspaper clippings, census information, yearbook pictures ā€¦ the list goes on. But what amazes me most, and what I have really learned while doing this, is that people are so willing to help and to share what information they have acquired. Genealogy is not about collecting information in a vacuum but about the sharing of information; it is about making connections, both past and present.

One interesting bit of information that I learned just yesterday ā€¦ funeral homes also typically ran the ambulance service. These days I think that would be considered a conflict of interest but in the not-so-distant past, it was all part of the undertaker’s job. How did I come by this information? It all started with an ad in the newspaper for a funeral home that listed both funeral and ambulance services.

What has been holding your attention lately?


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